molecular microscopy


The "Molecular Microscopy Research Group" is part of the "Single-molecule Biophysics"-unit at the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials (University of Groningen, The Netherlands). We follow a question-driven approach to understand mechanistic aspects of membrane transport proteins such as ABC transporters linking their structure with function. Our main tools are fluorescence and single-molecule microscopy (confocal & epi-fluorescence/TIRF), Förster-resonance energy-transfer as well localization-based super-resolution imaging (STORM/PALM). We are further active in developing photostable and switchable fluorescent probes as well as (single-molecule) assays to characterize (bio)chemical processes.
If you are interested in our activities, have a look in the research section, the job pages or directly get in touch with us.
Contact: Molecular Microscopy Research Group, Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, University of Groningen, Nijenborgh 4, 9747 AG Groningen, The Netherlands; +31-(0)-50-363-3385 (secretary) or -4165 (fax); e-mail: t.m.cordes(AT)

Latest News

01 / 2015


… new group member Anisah Erika Rahayu from ITB Bandung joining for her master project.

12 / 2014

ERC Starting Grant (SM-IMPORT) for Thorben…

… to understand the working mechanisms of membrane transporters! A big thanks to all (past and present) group members for their support! See the press release of the RUG here and information from the EC on funded projects in 2014 here.

12 / 2014

Our first single-molecule FRET paper published…

… in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology. Congrats to Giorgos, Evelyn, Florence, Marijn and our collaborators in the Poolman group! See the press release of the RUG here: “How the Pac-man transporter works