molecular microscopy


The "Molecular Microscopy Research Group" is part of the "Single-molecule Biophysics"-unit at the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials (University of Groningen, The Netherlands). We follow a question-driven approach to understand mechanistic aspects of membrane transport proteins such as ABC transporters linking their structure with function. Our main tools are fluorescence and single-molecule microscopy (confocal & epi-fluorescence/TIRF), Förster-resonance energy-transfer as well localization-based super-resolution imaging (STORM/PALM). We are further active in developing photostable and switchable fluorescent probes as well as (single-molecule) assays to characterize (bio)chemical processes.
If you are interested in our activities, have a look in the research section, the job pages or directly get in touch with us.
Contact: Molecular Microscopy Research Group, Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, University of Groningen, Nijenborgh 4, 9747 AG Groningen, The Netherlands; +31-(0)-50-363-3385 (secretary) or -4165 (fax); e-mail: t.m.cordes(AT)

Latest News

12 / 2014

ERC Starting Grant (SM-IMPORT) for Thorben…

… to understand the working mechanisms of membrane transporters! A big thanks to all (past and present) group members for their support! See the press release of the RUG here and the EC on fundd projects in 2014 here.

12 / 2014

Our first single-molecule FRET paper published…

… in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology. Congrats to Giorgos, Evelyn, Florence, Marijn and our collaborators in the Poolman group! See the press release of the RUG here: “How the Pac-man transporter works

10 / 2014

iROXS paper accepted and published…

… in Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Congrats to Jasper, Jochem, Matthias, Evelyn and our collaborators from Gerard Roelfes’ and Andreas Herrmann’s groups!